7 best ways to keep your dog engaged at home

There are uncountable ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained when we are at home, but a countable number of activities to keep our furries engaged at home. During this global crisis, we have become a work from home sleepwalker. We have no control over the days and nights and which is not only affecting us but our furries as well. Therefore, we online pet store having bright ways for all the working dog parents that will not only keep their furries busy while you can work peacefully. Its time to make your furry time engaging.

Switch on the television 

Furries dislike silence. When you are at home and stuck with work, switch on the television so that they can enjoy their time. Your furries enjoy watching it because they blend in with your likes and dislikes. They can even express the same behaviour as you while watching sports. You can keep them busy while you can do your work side by side and they will not disturb you. And this is the best way to rub off and channel their anxiety.

Give them access to sit and relax by the window

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Dogs love to watch out from the window & this is one of their favourite past times. Therefore, making space by the window for your furry will keep them busy & they will not be bored. When you are free and want to explore ways to bond with your furry, give them a company at the window. They will bark to alert you about everything that is happening outside. 

You can club this activity with the bird watching. Train your furries to be silent so that you both can enjoy the view of different birds in your lawn. We are confident about this because furries enjoy doing it. And when you are around, it is even more fun for them. 

Become successful in taking a selfie with your furry 

It might sound unbelievable, but there is a way to capture your furry’s photogenic face.Carry them in your arms or make yourself comfortable around them and keep the treat in front of their eyes. Keep your hand away from the frame so that it can capture you and your furry beautifully. We will advise you to avoid spending hours to capture because they will become restless and fuzzy. Check out this video; it will be a treat to your eyes. 

Make puzzles their best friend 

Befriending them with intellectual games at a very early age will help them explore something new and unique. Yes, some are born with a talent for understanding the complexities of the brain; these activities will help them get better with time. 

One of the games that you can play with them is sniffing and asking them which hand has the treat. Switch the treats between your hands as fast as you can and let them see it. Once you shuffle, ask them to choose the hand with the treat. Once they tune in with the game, make it challenging by hiding your hands and shuffle. Do it more than often & they will soon become a pro. Check out the video for more information. 

Treasure Hunt 

It is always fun for your furry when there are treats involved. Hide the treats and push them to smell and find the treats. Keep giving them hints about the location so that they can find it easily at first. After you feel satisfied that they are understanding the game and enjoying it, make it challenging. Let them sniff out the treat from under the pile of clothes, their bed or the rug. 

Prepare a garden space with your furry 

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Planting is one of the best ways to pass-time with your furry. Yes, they like to create a mess, dig pits around the space, but there are ways to help them become comfortable and enjoy the view. However, some pet parents believe that there is no match between a dog and a plant. But we will say that you haven’t yet explored this segment. Before starting all the preparations, it is crucial to constitute your checklist with the plants that your furry will love, therefore not a single loose end. 

Here are some of the dog repellent plants:

Coleus Canina
Pepper Plants

These are non-toxic plants for your furry which you can put on your checklist to plant:

Elfin Thyme
Mosaic Plant
Boston Ferns
Purple Waffle Plant
Miniature Stonecrop
Labrador Violet

When you are in a mood to relax or even work while enjoying the view, you can take your furry to the in-house garden. Avoid scolding your furry when it digs one of the plants, offer some treats and take them to the clear ground. Never forget that this space is not yours alone, share it with them and have fun.  

Teach your dog to clean up their mess 

It is essential to teaching your furry to clean up their toys by themselves. Offer them treats and train them slowly to clean up once they have played, it will not only make them independent, but you will be able to grow your trust on them. This activity will boost confidence in both of you as to when you are busy you can rely on them. Never forget to praise them even more than often because this will enhance their mental capacity and help them understand their hooman better. 

These are the best techniques which you can use when you are at home and busy. Never let you furry feel lonely even for a minute. Use these activities often to keep them occupied with their thing while you are with yours. It will help in enhancing the bond between you & your furry. Are you a dog parent who is working from home? We have got you covered.

Happy Pet Parenting ☺

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