5 Signs You Need to Hire a Dog Trainer!

Dogs are capable of many things; they have advanced memory skills that make them distinctive from other animals. To help them become aware of their abilities, the dog trainers come into the picture. Accepting that they need help is the first step to help your pet dog live a safe and stress-free life. Hiring a professional trainer for your pet dog is similar to giving a pep talk to your kid before their final hurdle. If there’s still a doubt whether to go for it or not or if you need to understand when’s the appropriate time to hire a dog trainer, then this piece will give you your way out from the miseries.

Before understanding why or when to go for dog training, let’s head on to what it is. Our curiosity grows every second when we enter into a new phase of life. Be it a new job, buying a new vehicle, or when we are surrounded by new people. We think about ways to get comfortable around a new space physically as well as mentally.

Say, an induction round when we start a new job. We get to know new protocols, rules and restrictions that keeps us away from the dire consequences. Now connect this situation to bringing a pup home for the first time. Don’t you think that they should learn how to live around a humanly household? Don’t you think that they should be cautious about things that are dangerous for them?

It is when dog training comes into the picture. Professional dog trainers have expertise in understanding a dog more than a pet parent. They can easily judge what triggers a dog’s reactions and help them realise whether they are on the right track or not. 

Why do our dogs need training?

Imagine that your kid misbehaves every time. You blow whistle and head on to all the possible solutions to settle them down. You sit with them, talk about their experience and try to judge what must have happened. When it comes to dogs, it becomes a little difficult because of the language barrier. Dog trainers help improve the relationship between pets and their pet parents. They help them gain confidence which gives them the right approach to pet parenting. Now, who doesn’t like an obedient kid?

All of us want to provide for our fur babies in the best possible way, under our circumstances and in accordance to the best of our knowledge. But sometimes our expertise falls short, instead of the experience we hold, or the inexperienced consultations.

Training is ideally considered for novices. Anybody who’s adopting the Dog for the first time might lack knowledge and understanding of how to handle a Dog; thus, training is imperative for such a Dog parent.

Training is an ideal part of life for every dog. It’s essential as well. Pet parents want their pet dog to understand that they can just run outside for fun. They would want them to be safe from traffic, moreover, strangers who can harm them. They want them to understand that biting someone isn’t a good thing. Moreover, not everyone who is small and appears to be their prey isn’t one. And most importantly how to live with a baby. There’s a need to help them understand ways to live happily with their favourite hooman. Dog training isn’t about teaching your pet dog tricks. It’s about schooling them as a whole.

Signs that your dog needs training

Have you ever noticed any uncanny behaviour while supervising your pet dog’s activities? Do you feel that they don’t respond to your voice, or are they showing any unfriendly signs when they see a stranger around? 

There is more than one way that will help you identify whether your dog needs some professional help or not. Are they ignoring your commands

When you think that things are going sideways with your pet dog, that’s your sign to seek a professional’s help. Below are some of the decoded signs, which will help you understand that whether your pet dog needs a professional trainer or not. If they show any one of them, that’s your queue.



Do you hear your pet dog growl over a stranger or even you sometimes? There must be some instances when you have ignored their response and sometimes pamper them even more to settle them. It is one of the biggest mistakes made by pet parents. It might give them the wrong idea that they are pampered more after reacting in this way.

This type of behaviour gives rise to a biting tendency, and they will soon become difficult to handle, especially when around strangers or kids. They can injure someone or even get injured because of their aggressive behaviour.

This uncalled behaviour can be because of some ignored signs about their health issues. Some behavioural or environmental factors might also be the reason. They must not like their new food, they are suspicious or afraid of someone, or they might be overprotective of you.

Supervise all of their activities and try to identify what triggers them. You can always consult an expert if you feel that things are out of hands. Think about the time when they were trained before. Is this prolonged behaviour? Oh, have they been trained before?

Thus, it is very important to track their behavioural changes, to tap the change in the beginning and get corrective measures for it. Although the Dog would be conveying some deep-set issue, they think of aggression as the only channel to get it out.


This could be a deadly calling, for nobody wants his/her Dog to sneak out of the house just like that. This is the most basic training that any Dog has been given since the beginning, and it becomes a fundamental rule for it to not go out without the Pet parent. 

Sneaking out without the parent means that your furry is risking his/her safety, which cannot be ignored as a parent. It could be a serious indicator of an ailment which includes their inability at retaining the pressure in the bladder, thus their potty training comes in the way and is compelled to sneak out. You should immediately go and see a Vet in such a case. However, if this isn’t the case, and your pet has suddenly developed this liking for strolling without any protection, you must hire a trainer to remind him of certain non-negotiable rules in the family.


Nobody likes nuisance in life, nor do furry parents. Their pets are no less than their kids in return all they expect is love and mutual respect for them and their belongings. Something is better learnt at the beginning to remember it for a lifetime. Even researches show that as a human baby, fur babies are inept to form habits from the beginning.

However, if any destruction comes after years of obedience, then such a behavioural change speaks volume of mental conditions. This type of behavioural response is the extremeness of aggressiveness in pets. Earlier, they might be attention seekers before, but now they act much worse.

According to you, this behavioural response may be their casual way of playing, and they haven’t been taught whether this is right or wrong. Well better now than never. One of the possible numbers reasons which give rise to this behavioural response is the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s a calling for help!


Leash pulling is the most deceptive form of disobedience, which is, sometimes first encouraged by the parent himself/herself. It is taken to be a form of love in the beginning, and a habit is being formed. It is the Dog trying to assert his/her desires on you, which might appear loveable in the beginning, but once the Dog grows into a mature one, it becomes a task to make him/her drag as per your likings. It could also pose threat to pet parents; whose pets are comparatively heavy weighted as compared to them and it can seriously injure them.

Consequently, a trainer is a must from the beginning to let the dog maintain decorum and respect the pet parent. Marker Training or Compulsion-Praise Training are some of the many training forms that could stimulate the desired changes in your pets.


There is no denying the sanctity of a human-fur love, but, we, humans are complicated beings, none could satisfy. Over love and excitement about something, sometimes counteracts. Sometimes it could be their style of play too, and they look for a buddy in us before anything else. Dogs have a particular way of showing their love and play, they jump on their lover, they like to lick, caress. These are not particularly the kind of ways a pet parent would like to play or be loved, not to forget that according to the breed and gender of the pet, it could be dangerous forms of showcasing love too.


Thus, again to remove the communication barrier and come to terms with each other’s needs, you need a trainer, who could help you school your baby to be gentle. A mix of different kinds of training could easily let you achieve the goals you want and give them all the help they require to live a happy life.

As a responsible pet parent, you must always be there for your pets. You never know which situation or experience triggers a negative response in pets. Once they are in their senses, it’s time to start.

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